Pz28 carburetor synchronizing help

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Pz28 carburetor synchronizing help

Post by Krupp1939 »

Hello all. Could I get some help on the proper way to synchronize the Pz28 carburetors? I get my bike to run but idle is way high. Any adjustment and it's fine for a bit and then dies like it's just not getting fuel but it will run at a high idle. Also, I have cold air coming out of the left exhaust. Everything was gone over: Timing, spark, spark plug gap, plug wires, valves, carbs, fuel and battery. Spent 2 days trying to get it right. At a loss here.

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Re: Pz28 carburetor synchronizing help

Post by TomD. »

Sorry for the slow response, I was unable to get to this site for about a month or more. It was if it had been shut down. Try this link for carb adjustments and synchro:

http://cvkustoms.com/Technical/M72_Adju ... tml#points

This site is for Russian bikes, but follow the instructions for K37 carbs, assuming your have stock or OEM carbs on your CJ.
If you have cold air coming from your exhaust on one side, that cylinder is not firing. It's surprising how these CJ's will run on just one cylinder.

Here's another link:


Hope this helps,

Tom D.

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